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We are looking for a man who can have fun, and knows how to keep a secret. Our friends and family don't know just how adventurous we are when it comes to sex, so we're looking for a man who can join us for a threesome at a moment's notice, without letting anyone know what goes on behind closed doors.

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If you're ready to have a great night, every night - then fellas, we're the couple that you're looking for. We believe that sharing is caring, which is why we love inviting other men into our bedroom. We've been on for years now, and we're veteran members at this point!

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We were also on the verge of breaking up, but we were willing to go the distance for each other. We decided to join to see what we could find. Turns out a threesome can really turn the passion back on in a relationship and bring your closer than ever.

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We love for all of the kinky men that we meet online. The site is always growing so there are always new members to meet and hook up with. Even if you're not always looking to hook up, just messaging each other and describing all of your fantasies is hot enough sometimes.

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I feel like a sort of therapist when I hook up with couples. I know that I'm helping them reach new levels in their relationships, and helping them to get even closer through our threesome. Beyond just that, I get to have really hot sex with kinky people that I like!

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I love taking a woman into my bed while her man sits back and watches with jealousy in his eyes. I know that it's turning both of us on. The best part is when she eventually asks for her husband to join in - then the fun really starts to happen. I have such a great time here!

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I remember when my ex-wife and I had our first threesome, and just how passionate we both were. Even though that relationship didn't work out, that doesn't mean I can't continue fooling around with other couples. Now, I'm able to relive that night, every night - all thanks to